Monday, April 16, 2018

Moving On From #MeToo

Edit-adding link  (on same theme) to companion post titled Healer's Note

 Time to switch focus on culture. The #MeToo movement opened the door to the collective (unconscious)  female rage.  This is a good thing,  because rage must come out before the healing process can take root. . .
I will include video-talk with Louise Mazanti PhD, but first this reflection.

Healing the collective shadow is  part n' parcel of the evolutionary impulse carrying humanity towards a saner living.  It is no secret that radical acceptance of one's not yet white  as freshly fallen snow character traits,  is a noble thing!  Time is ripe for men and women  to manifest a new type of relating with one another.
This is the moment because  we (collectively) see more.  When we become transparent to ourselves we see more. When we see more it hurts more, but it also means we can do something about the 'hurt'.  Once something is SEEN, it can't be un-seen - this is why it is  best to embrace the idea  that  no one else, but one's own compassion-driven  metacognition  can  keep us moving towards that  goal.
We do it, because we intuit that going  through the transformation process  will  produce greater significance in our life, as well as those we come in contact with.
We are all called to become more receptive to new ideas and paths. We are called to become increasingly transparent to our divine nature, as well. Thing is,  in the overall scheme of things, transforming one's nature is more important than Soul-level liberation/enlightenment, because one can't skip stages. One can't jump from egoic "what's in it for me",  to full (embodied) Enlightenment.
That's just the way it is. Still we must keep in the back of our minds that this 'evolutionary impulse' thing is one's eternal self-Soul's yearning to become one with her  (transcendent) Beloved.
It is good to know that no matter one's stance towards 'soul evolution' , sooner or later, She will fulfill her ancient blueprint. If I didn't know this, I would not say it.
May the the following verse from The Tibetan keep you inspired:

Nothing under the heaven can arrest the progress of
the human soul on its long pilgrimage from
darkness to light, from the unreal to the real,
from death to immortality, and from ignorance to wisdom.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

She Speaks

'All desire vanishes in that fortunate person whose consciousness is established in his own real nature. For him, the state of being of a limited individual has ended'. Shiva Sutras (Sloka 4)

Let's look closer at the nature of Real Nature.  The Soul is identified with its Divine origin.   One who reports from this Kosmic address, was once the psychic being whose nature  formed progressively around this Divine center (eternal self-Soul) in the course of its innumerable lives in the terrestial evolution.  When the  Soul (Mind of the Eternal Light)  is fully illumined/developed/wholly awakened  it  becomes the conscious Partner of the Absolute Supreme (or the Supermind and its Bliss) . . .Once established in its Source the Soul  realizes that her Nature is identical with the Essence of the Divine.  It is worth noting that at this stage one becomes  naturally free from the egoic: 'what's in it for me', mantra -  and  becomes the perfect Instrument through which the Divine Force-Power baptizes the world.
In other words, in advanced evolution the Soul becomes  conscious of her Divine origin because  it is directly felt-aware of the Supreme Presence within her Light mind-body. This is the point at which  one knows infallibly  what the term 'I AM that I AM, signifies.  Not as a concept, but  actually. 

*  One who aspires to become Enlightenment  by embracing the  'spiritual bypassing'  route, will create much misery, because the unhealed psycho-emotional wounds and unresolved developmental needs can't be transcended by thinking 'now that I know this about me, I can rise above it'.  Psycho-emotional wounding can only be released at the level it was created. My post Healer's Notes addresses this topic *

When all desire vanishes noble qualities arise .  One whose  personal egoism  and its desires vanish becomes  the very embodiment of traits such as:  simplicity, altruism,  non-attachment to fruits of our work,  we are free from the  pleasure of domination, are jealous of none and free from indulgence in petty deeds.  .  . Doesn't mean we are incapable of facing the bully and breaking his/her joy of domination.
 Noble traits are carriers of  high-order frequency  (or Holy power)  which affects all dimensions simultaneously. One whose mind is without the stain of  disturbance becomes the channel through which God's work flows into the world of Form. No longer driven by wish or desire, but an impersonal drive of the Conscious Love/Power/Will/Knowledge  (not generated on human plane) of the divine Person (ascended Soul)  who "brings the fires of the splendour of God into the human abyss" - snippet from Aurobindo's poem titled A God's Labour.
This is why I  say:  Not I, but by the Knowledge/Will invested in me I bear witness to what the Divine  disclosed to me - for the benefit of all beings, for the evolution of consciousness itself.

My post titled Ascension Blues Good News,  begins with this assertion:  Many are experiencing varying degrees of turbulence during these changing times, because this change is being impressed upon our souls.  Turbulence in the collective (unconscious) is the unveiling of that which is anti-evolutionary. Without this dismantling step, the building up traction-step can't take hold. New Possibilities don't emerge when the old one's are not yet dismantled.
This means that the  'Holly Fire'  (some call it Eros) is active whether we 'believe' in it, or not.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Did it Again!

Today - 23/03/2018 -  The Mystical Dimension's (below)  opening statement got significantly enlarged -  for clarity's sake.
The subject I write about is so complex,  I am never satisfied with my original posting.  I don't fear judgments about my writing style, etc., this is why  I throw all caution into the wind and publish the not-yet  'can be better', version.
I'm not a perfectionist,  but  because I realize that  my words  are the container  for the meaning  couched within the written word,  I try as best as I am able, to make myself  be 'heard'.
And sometimes - like today - I feel that  Mystical Dimension finally feels 'good enough'.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Mystical Dimension

Edit-adding 23/03/2018.  Maps/consciousness models exist in consciousness (mental realm) - even the psychic and spiritual transformation takes place within one's psycho-emotional /cognitive domain.
 The ascended mind (supramental awareness)  has access to a radically different  domain because the transcendent is beyond time. In this  non-local domain  'things'  introduce themselves to the fully awakened Soul's awareness. . .This is also why we call it Divine revelations.
Some folks confuse 'soul' with 'personality'. Personalities do shadow work, eat, have sex, etc. The eternal self-Soul is Pure being since Her Essence is same as the Essence of the Cosmic Beloved.
 She has no 'shadow'.
 Someone whose 'karmic burden' got burnt to crisp by Kundalini Shakti has no karma.  This is why at this stage one can claim 'I became more than human'.  I say this.
 Folks  who don't understand that embodied/evolutionary Soul-level  Enlightenment is real, don't want to hear what I say.
I say, Divine revelation is not a 'doctrine'. I say,  Ultimate Mystery can be known and decoded/described using simple language, by one who transcended every power office and became one with the very Source of all Power.  And, if someone has the impression this station can be reached without much pain and struggle, consider  these  words penned by Sri Aurobindo:
 Only by hard sacrifice is high heaven earned; He must face the flight, the pang who would conquer Hell.
THAT which is beyond name and form opens Her eyes in the non-local domain  and bears witness to the Ultimate Mystery - this is why what I share can be easily called (by one who is in Soul bypassing consciousness) that, what I describe is "crazy".  Of course they are entitled to their opinion. I don't write for those folks, and/but if they want to word-tango with me, they are welcome to it.
Joseph Campbell said: "The ultimate unqualified mystery is beyond human experience" - and I agree!  If I didn't, I would have nothing to write about. I demonstrate that only the non local eternal self Soul - at the apex of her journey through transcdendent Light and Sound - can bear witness to the Ultimate Mystery.
(Also) Today I decided to include a link to Cosmic Synchronicity & Confirmation post, because its content is filled-to-brim with experiences that only the self-Soul can bear witness too.

I want to include  Aurobind'o words that  mirrors my experience:
 I think I can say that I have been testing day and night for years upon years more scrupulously than any scientist his theory and his method on the physical plane. That's why I'm not alarmed by the aspect of the world around me or disconcerted by the often successful fury of the adverse Forces who increase in their rage as the Light comes nearer and nearer to the field of earth and Matter.
Soul physics is such a vast and complex topic and I can only unpack a fraction of what I know in each post entry. Often,  I have to repeat certain things, because the  Divine process of evolution into wholeness includes the process of  awakening, or activating the currents of light within the subtle and extremely subtle body of man. . .and I try my best to place the experiences within the proper context.  Vedanta's  "The end of Knowledge" is an apt term for the domain where one discovers Knowledge beyond reason and thought.  Poetically speaking the 'context' can be thought of as the Ocean of Knowledge and Eternal Life.  One of the challenges on this path, is to find and check one's results/contemplative conclusions with others who have adequately completed  the same journey.

Gaining entry to the domain of the state where one comes in possession of new Intelligence that is higher than reason and thought, is the purpose of every mystical tradition.
In order to reach the final ascension-point through the gates of light in the subtle cerebrospinal centers (Human Chakra System) -  one has to be willing to submit to the Divine within, and allow the '(Mightiness) Power that upholds and protects and cherishes us', to have its way with us.
 Unsolicited Kundalini Shakti's Mightiness had its way with me, and in this blog chronicle what the journey through (transcendent) Light and Sound has been like for me.
If interested in revisiting edit-improved sister post titled Silence is Full of Answers? have a click

Each  mystical tradition has its own language with which it names the various planes of existence,  and the means (practices) of how to get there.  On this path without a map, what matters most is the experience . . .Union of the Soul with the Essence/Bliss of the Absolute Supreme is the Ultimate Consummation experience (same as 'Shakti and Shiva's erotic embrace'), and I feel moral obligation to share that which introduced itself to me.

Today I want to take a quick look at 'nadis'. I didn't study Ayurveda, but recently learned that this tradition  talks about  nadis - and lists 72 thousands.  Fourteen of them are considered "important", and three are "most important".  The most important  nadis are named Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.  In spiritual terms the three highest chakras are the main gates through which one gets to  'meet and unite with  God/Goddess' - so this makes sense to me.
The ascended mystic discovers  that  all of the nadis are subordinate to Sushumna,  because we see and feel the flow of  "Ambrosia"  within  the spinal column and beyond. . .
 It is said that Ida and Pingala  are often seen as referring to the two hemispheres of the brain.  This makes sense to me as well, because during the initial stages of  karmic clearing,  occasionally I felt shooting  pain on both sides of my head/brain.
Sushumna is the main channel  because it connects the base chakra with the Crown chakra. The unobstructed Sushumna nadi  allows the Kundalini Essence (Ambrosia/Shakti/Bliss) to flow into world's hologram out of the Crown chakra.  To put it another way,   'Kundalini Essence' is the  transmuted Erotic Energy which has the appearance of  brilliant silvery white light  frequency (that flows  out of  one's  Crown chakra)  I bear witness to this 'flowing out' experience and  wrote about it  in my post titled The River of Light.

 Divine Intelligence or Kundalini Shakti,  knows she is the cause of  evolution of consciousness in mankind.  One who attains permanent Sahaja  (or Samadhi) state,  knows that Cosmic Consciousness becomes a perennial possession of Yogi/Yogini who is able to achieve this feat.  But to get there, Ida and Pingala must be purified and balanced and the mind steadied by  Samadhi state.  When that happens - through many years of often very difficult process -  the two brain hemispheres become unified. 
At this juncture,  both sides share same goals and values,  because both  hemispheres can (literally) see that the Inner Self shines like the splendor of thousand suns.  One sees this Light with the eye of spiritualized consciousness of the eternal self-Soul.
 The science of uniting Soul with the eternal all-Blissful  Supreme Being, and  being literally one with all beings in the visible and invisible domain, is not for the faint of heart.   One whose karma is ripe to begin the journey will be guided by one's Soul's Will (which is the same Will as God's) and supported by Love's Intelligence so Wonderful, it passes human comprehension.
The following quote in Sri Aurobindo's words from The Life Divine,  absolutely resonates with my own experiences.  I'm doing this with the intention it may be helpful / reassuring to someone who is on this path. . .
After we have entered the path, he envelopes us with his wide and mighty liberating Impersonality or moves near us with the face of and form of personal Godhead. In and around us we feel a Power that upholds and protects and cherishes; we hear a Voice that guides; a conscious Will greater than ourselves rules us; an imperative Force moves our thoughts and actions and our very body; an ever-widening Consciousness assimilates ours, a living Light of Knowledge lights within, or a Beatitude invades us; a Mightiness presses from above, concrete, massive and overpowering, and penetrates and pours itself into the very stuff of our nature; a Peace sits there, a Light, a Bliss, a Strength, a Greatness. Or there are relations, personal, intimate as life itself, sweet as love, encompassing like the sky, deep like deep waters. A Friend walks at our side; points our way; a Lover is with us in our heart's secrecy; a Master of the Work and Ordeal points our way; a  Creator of all things uses us as his instrument; we are in the arms of the eternal Mother (*Shakti/Goddess*)  All these more sizable aspects in which the Ineffable meets us are truths and not mere helpful symbols or useful imaginations; but as we progress, their first imperfect formulations in our experience yield to a larger vision of the one Truth that is behind them. At each step their mental masks are shed and they acquire a larger, a profounder, a more intimate significance.

* I got interested in Aurobindo's work once my blog writing was underway (2009).  Early on I had couple of encounters with him ... and have it on record in this blog.  The one that made the most impression on me was the time (he wore white) when we stood shoulder to shoulder and he encouraged me to 'keep going' -- at a time I was being bullied left and right by nasty  forum people.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Master and His Emissary

Edit-note:  Because I wrote  "someone whose brain is NOT divided", but didn't elaborate what this means to me, I'm adding a link to She is Solitary.

The Master and His Emissary is a book title penned by Dr. Iain McGilchrist.
 I saw his lecture on this topic years ago and it made perfect sense to me.  It made sense the fact that each hemisphere has different goals and different takes on what is important. The left hemisphere blocks out everything that doesn't fit with its take since it can't even see it.
This brilliant man's work struck a resounding "YES!" in me,  because I have been dealing with  the 'emissary' for many years (in cyber space).
" "My ass"  what she says it's true! - what I think/say is correct".
 The emissary can't see that someone whose brain is NOT divided sees right through its agendas.  Trying to make him see his view-point is only a thin slice of Reality, only reinforces 'what I say/know is VALID', stance.

So be it. . .Agreeing  to disagree is the way to go, since I never signed up to change minds when they are stuck in the emissary mode.
I  decided to introduce this topic for  open minded readers of Spirit Speaks.  The following  quote from  might incline you to want to read more?

The left hemisphere, though unaware of its dependence, could be thought of as an 'emissary' of the right hemisphere, valuable for taking on a role that the right hemisphere - the 'Master' - cannot itself afford to undertake. However it turns out that the emissary has its own will, and secretly believes himself to be superior to the Master. And he has the means to betray him. What he doesn't realize is that in doing so he will also betray himself.

If this link works have a listen to recent talk between Jordan Peterson and Iain McGilchrist on same topic.

Friday, February 9, 2018

No Rest for the Wicked :)

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Cosmic Synchronicity & Confirmation was def. in need of edit-tweaking

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This post includes quotes from one who bullied me "most" -  Silence is Full of Answers

Did it again :

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Interpretation & Divine Revelation Not Same Thing

This post's focus is to show that  Soul-level experiences  (the state of being beyond/above the mind) can't be explained away  by 'brain chemistry' according to  some. Scholar David C. Lane is adamant about this. Very recently I found out  he meditates a lot, but didn't get any inclination he is open to acknowledge/see  (that in advanced  evolution)  what we See Feel and Hear  can't be explained by "chemistry".  He acknowledges "Mystery",  which  no mind can penetrate. .  . and I concur. I agree that even the most exalted intellect doesn't have access to this domain. On the other hand,  the awakened awareness of one's eternal self-Soul, does. If I didn't know this I wouldn't have decades worth of Depth data checked/affirmed  by communal confirmation.

I chanced upon Aurobindo's key quote which confirms (for me) that the ascended mystic undergoes many types of Soul-level Initiations  before she/he reaches the apex-point of  Union and Identification with the Essence of the Absolute Supreme . . . Of  being (literally) one with all Reality and its beings in the visible and invisible domains.
In this blog I chronicle many types of  Energy-level Initiations, this is why I feel compelled to correct those who think  they know better.  
Custodians  of transcendent knowledge know better  because we were entrusted with this Knowledge. We have a moral duty to bear witness to Divine Revelations, no matter the objections.  The following snippet in Aurobindo's words, highlights why the unpacking of Divine Gnosis (supreme spiritual level) are best left to one who writes from this level:  
"...the true knowledge and description must be left to the language of the mystic and the figures, at once more vivid and more recondite, of a direct and concrete experience."

This  excerpt is from: The Synthesis of Yoga (Sri Aurobindo) where he affirms that a 'multimform dynamic experience'  is necessary to transform one's nature. In this blog and other cyber-place I said  that Kundalini Shakti gave me a 'complete cosmic makeover'.

The Divine is in his essence infinite and his manifestation too is multitudinously infinite. If  that is so, it is not likely that our true integral perfection in being and in nature can come by one kind of realisation alone; it must combine many different strands of divine experience. It cannot be reached by the exclusive pursuit of a single line of identity that is raised to its absolute;
it must harmonize many aspects of the Infinite. An Integral consciousness with a multiform dynamic experience is essential for the complete transformation of our nature. 
Last year in September I wrote Flatland Assertions Debunked - recently I rallied and edit-improved it for clarity's sake.  In its original version I said I won't be contacting David C. Lane because that would be exercise in futility, but changed my mind this week and contacted him via messenger on Facebook, to let  him know I wrote a critique of his post 'Tangled Lines' on integralworld  in my blog and included a link. .  . And was surprised he wrote back same day.

Quote:  Ironically, I don't think that mystics are necessarily delusional at all. My only point was that we have to be open to alternative explanation concerning shabd yoga and spiritual practices, and too often the religious mindset resist simpler explanations. I have written a little book called WHY I MEDITATE which shows that I deeply admire shabd yoga and do it myself daily, upwards to 3 hours. * David included link to his book. It's when I realized Lane is not exactly 'flatlander'.

To my, 'I'm sticking to my guns' response, David replied:

We don't have to agree. That we have different interpretations of certain phenomena is to be expected.
So that's it. This is how scholars and (genuine/ascended) mystics roll. Our Depth data is meaningless. The awakened Divinity within our eternal self-Soul (the eternal Avatar) and its Communication from the source of Her nature, is seen as "interpretation".... as opposed to "Revelation".
If interested:
So again: In words of one who I say is my 'primary community of the adequate person' - on what we mean when we use the term  Divine Revelation.

"As we reach in our thought the line at which the evolution of Mind into Overmind into Supermind, we are faced with a difficulty which amounts almost to impossibility. For we are moved to seek for some precise idea, some clear mental description of the supramental or gnostic existence of which evolutionary Nature in the Ignorance is in travail; but by crossing this extreme line of sublimated Mind the consciousness passes out of its sphere, exceeds the characteristic action and escapes from the grasp, of mental perception and knowledge.
It is evident indeed that supramental nature must be a perfect integration and consummation of spiritual nature and experience: it would also contain in itself by the very character of the evolutionary principle, though it would not be limited to that change, a total spiritualisation of mundane nature; our world-experience would be taken up in this step of our evolution and, by a transformation of its parts of divinity, a creative rejection of its imperfections and disguises, reach some divine truth and plentitude.
But these are general formulas and give us no precise idea of the change. Our normal perception or imagination or formulation of things spiritual and things mundane is mental, but in the gnostic change the evolution crosses a line beyond which there is a supreme and radical reversal of consciousness and the standards and forms of mental cognition are no longer sufficient: it is difficult for mental thought to understand or describe supramental nature".

Plus:   I boldly approve the meaning couched within these words, penned by Sri Aurobindo:
"The defects of Western practitioners or Eastern quacks do not get rid of our true and ancient Yoga".

Also:  Including link to sister post, where I quote the 'foremost authority on the world's great religions' Huston Smith's true words about Revelation: "There is no way the finite is going to comprehend the Infinite on its own. It has to be the Infinite taking the initiative, and that is the meaning of Revelation."

I said this before but will repeat again that, for many years I kept silent about any sort of mystical conclusions - about the intense spiritual surges, and the like -   since I had none. I didn't really know what to make about the myriad of otherworldly phenomena.  They just kept coming and I  kept jutting down the most vivid experiences without having any idea what is coming still. . .I had no one to compare my notes with, no one to turn to for support.  I knew I was 'in good hands' and trusted this (conscious) Force-Power-Bliss.
Today (4/02/2018) I read in The Meditative Mind, penned by Daniel Goleman, something  Aurobindo's biographer Saptrem wrote that made sense to me.

"Sri Aurobindo was the first to be baffled by his own experience and . . .it took him some years to understand exactly what had happened. We have described the. . .experience. . .as though the stages had been linked very carefully, each with its explanatory label, but the explanations came long afterwards, at that moment he had no guiding landmarks."